Holmes County Ohio Rails-to-Trails

trail rulesA basic etiquette rule is wheels yield to heels. Keep this in mind when approaching other trail users.  On the Holmes County Trail, buggies & horse back riders yield to all other users while cyclist yield to hikers and walkers.

Trail Hours

The Holmes County Trail is open from daylight to dusk. Buggy use is permitted from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. unless special arrangements have been made prior to travel with the Holmes County Trail Director. Special-use permits may be obtained for group night rides or special events from the trail director. These events must be approved and planned in advance for notification of local law enforcement agencies.


Trail restrooms are available at trailheads Millersburg Depot, Millersburg. The Millersburg Depot provides restroom facilities throughout the year and is located in Millersburg off of Clinton and Grant Street adjacent to the Holmes County Trail. The depot serves as a trail and railroad information center as well. Picnic areas are located the Millersburg Depot/Hipp Station and at the end of the trail in Killbuck. A horse watering trough is located on the west side of the trail adjacent to the Millersburg Depot/Hipp Station.

Safety on the Trail

It is every trail user's responsibility and right to ensure their own safety and expect safe practice from other trail users. Exercise caution at all times, follow guidelines and rules of the trails. Preventing accidents or injuries is the first step; acting responsibly if something does happen is the second. Always think clearly!

Trail Etiquette

Trail etiquette can be described as the polite way to use trails. It outlines guidelines for the many users that ride, walk, hike, bike, or roller blade the trail. If you have never considered trail etiquette to be one of the more important aspects of trail use, you may want to reconsider. Trail etiquette should be a major part of any trail user's experience.

Trail use is a privilege that cannot be abused or disrespected, so making trail etiquette a priority allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors and have a good time while being safe and courteous. Also remember everyone is out there for the same reasons, to enjoy nature and to enjoy what they are doing. When traveling the Holmes County Trail, you may encounter many different forms of trail use, such as hikers, bikers, horseback riders, roller bladders and buggy traffic, etc. Therefore the user must adjust to different regulations (who passes first, who slows down, who gets the right of way).

If trail users conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, respect the environment and the other users, the trail experience will only get better. Keep safety and etiquette in mind when you are participating in trail use, this way the trail in Holmes County will stay in good condition and the privilege will remain accessible for everyone.

Multi-use Etiquette and Safety

  • Consideration and polite behavior are essential in order to ensure the enjoyment of all trail users and protection of the park resources.

  • Do not ride horses, drive buggies or bicycles in a manner that is likely to cause alarm or injury to another person or animal.

  • Cyclists should pass other trail users slowly and considerately.

  • Buggies and horses should always yield to pedestrians and cyclist and make their presence known well in advance.

  • Never attempt to "hide" from approaching horses, since this may cause the horses to shy.

  • Equestrians and Buggies must stay on chip and seal trail other than in designated areas where shared use is necessary.

  • When passing horses from behind, hikers and bikers should make the rider aware of their presence and then pass in.

  • Never pass too close to a horse; try to keep a six-foot buffer zone.

  • If the horse's ears are flattened all the way back, the horse is irritated and may kick.

  • Motorized equipment is prohibited.

  • Loud radios are prohibited on the trails, although earphone-type radios are permitted.

  • Be alert of user type changes throughout the trail.

  • Be alert of road crossings and steep trail shoulders may occur and are not marked.

  • Please be sure to stop at all intersections. 

  • Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited on the trail at all times.


  • Buggy and Equestrian chip and seal trail users should stay to the east side of trail.

  • Keep your horse on the chip and seal trail and off paved portions of the trail at all times other than in designated areas where shared use will be necessary, and at a safe setback from the paved trail when encountering other trail users.

  • Horse owners and riders are responsible for staging area property and landscape damage caused by their horses. (Natural wear and tear on the trail tread way is admissible.)

  • Horseback riders must yield right of way to bicyclists, skaters and other trail users when crossing bridges and tunnels.

  • Communicate - let other trail users know how to pass your horse safely.

  • Speed limit 15 mph; no galloping or running (cantering / loping is permitted).

  • Horses must be tied a safe distance from other trail users.

  • Horse waste must be removed immediately by rider/owner from paved side of trail, parking areas and picnic / rest areas except at bridge crossings and shared use areas. If your horse is a "kicker", a red ribbon mustshould be worn on the tail to alert other trail users.

  • Leading dogs from horseback is not permitted.

Bikers and Inline Skaters

  • Bike and Pedestrian Asphalt trail users should stay to the west side of the trail and pass to the left east side of the aslphalt trail.

  • Helmets and safety equipment are recommended.

  • Bicycles must be ridden at safe speeds, and in any case not greater than 15 MPH.

  • Bicycles and other wheeled users always yield to pedestrians. Slow down, call out or ring bell when passing or say "Passing to your left or right".


  • Pets are permitted on the trail.

  • Because Pets have been known to run in front of a cyclist while on an extended leash we ask pet owners to keep pets on a maximum 5 foot leash at all times to prevent accidents; they should never be left unattended.

  • Extreme care should be taken to avoid conflicts between dogs and horses. 

Leave No Trace

  • Littering along trails is prohibited.

  • If you pack it in, pack it out.

  • Do not break off tree limbs or pick or damage plants growing along the trail.

  • Take only pictures; leave only tracks. Please stay on the trail.

  • Do not leave the trail system and travel crosscountry, or attempt "shortcuts."

  • Trail closures may at times be necessary due to maintenance.

  • No trail activity is permitted on closed sections of the trail. Current closed section of the trail are: Killbuck to Glenmont.

Hunting and Trapping

Hunting and trapping is prohibited on the trail corridor and it is unlawful to have air guns, slingshots, bows or crossbows in your possession at any time on the Holmes County Trail. 


Camping is prohibited along the trail corridor. However, camping may be available in the future as the Holmes County Trail and its facilities continue development.

Take only memories - leave only footprints!